Will Auto Detailing Increase the Value of Your Car

Will Auto Detailing Increase the Value of Your Car

The short answer to one of the most popular questions that we get asked is a simple yes. Yes, detailing your car will increase its value. However, we believe that a better question is “how will auto detailing increase the value of my car and the value of my comfort?”

Here at The Best Detail, we want to share the knowledge that we’ve gained in this industry with the car owners of Las Vegas and beyond. We believe that taking the time to do this is the best way to provide value to our community.

It’s also important to share information that can lead to a better and safer life. None of our team members became auto detailing specialists simply because they wanted to help people get a return on their car investment by keeping it clean and maintained. All of our team members became auto detailing specialists because they enjoy the work, and because it genuinely helps others. If you’re curious how we can help you on your next auto detailing project, give us a call (702) 494-8097.

The Health Benefits of Car Detailing

Keeping your car tidy and de-cluttered will ensure that you aren’t stressed out when driving or trying to find things in your car. We all know how frustrating that can be, and believe it or not, being stressed out in your car can lead to higher blood pressure. Why would you want to put yourself through an unfavorable experience, especially if you’d have to deal with it every day while driving to work or driving on longer trips?

In addition to diminishing stress with a cleaned car, you’ll also be able to eliminate pollutants and allergens that are not a good idea to inhale. The interior of cars, as well as their air conditioning, can trap mites, dust, pollen, and bacteria that you don’t want to come into contact with every day.

The Safety Aspect of a Clean Car

It’s obvious that having a clean car will improve your safety. Having a clear dashboard, without any distractions, will lower your chances of getting into an accident. And having clean windows will lower your chances of having difficulty with visibility, especially during inclement weather conditions.

At The Best Detail, we also focus on things that seem like small considerations that end up making a big impact. We always make sure that you can get in and out of your car, open and close doors, and operate any switch or light signal with ease.

Car Maintenance Facts?

Did you know that a car owner keeps their car for an average of 5-6 years? This is a year and a half longer than the average time that a car owner held on to their car in 2006. And the reason for this increase is due to cars lasting longer as well as car owners beginning to make use of auto detailing services as they become aware of the valuable benefits.

The Cash Value of Detailing Your Car

Detailing your car will ensure that your paint job is protected from damaging UV rays, and that your dashboard is well treated and will not crack. Regular detailing will ensure that you will never have to worry about rust or scratches that could have been prevented with an application of wax or a hard coat of paint protection.

When you detail your car regularly, you are increasing its value and making sure that it continues to offer the same luxury and comfort that you got from it in the beginning. It will lead to potential buyers of your car feeling this same luxury and comfort. And potential buyers will be enticed to purchase your car at a much better rate: especially if it looks, smells, and radiates the energy of being well maintained.

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