Why Use a Mobile Car Detailing

Why Use a Mobile Car Detailing

By Peter Snovitch

If you’re a car enthusiast or you care about your car and want to keep it in good condition, then you know that automatic car washes are not an option. However hand washing isn’t necessarily a good idea either.

Mobile Car Detailing in Las Vegas

In a recent test by the University of Texas, researchers found out that hand washing cars can damage finishes. Because garden hoses do not have enough pressure or hydraulic force to properly rinse off the chemicals used to wash cars, the chemicals remain on the paint and “bake” into it. This baking effect can cause the car’s luster to go down, as well as its ability to withstand weather.

In the same test conducted by the University of Texas, it was discovered that 25 car hand washing sessions caused 10% of the paint thickness to be removed. These statistics are not only scary, but also detrimental to people who don’t want to damage their cars by hand washing them.

Mobile car detailing in Las Vegas is probably the best option when keeping your car in shape. Since trained professionals detail your car, and insure against damage, you can rest assured they will do the best job. In another article we mentioned an example relating to car detailing, and we will mention it again now:

If you break your leg you immediately visit a doctor instead of a vet or pharmacist to get the best    treatment. Similarly if your car needs detailing, you don’t visit an automatic car wash, or damage it with hand washing, instead you go to a professional.

Mobile Car Detailing in Las Vegas

Professional car detailers can give you the best services when it comes to your car. From buffering services, to window tintingLas Vegas car detailers can do it all.

The best reasons of using a professional car detailer is that they guarantee they will not leave swirls. Swirls damage can happen to cars both in automatic car washes, and in hand washes. Getting rid of these swirl marks can be expensive and if the damage is great enough, will require a new paint job. Professional car detailers used advanced techniques, especially for black cars, so that they never leave swirl marks.

Just keep that in mind the next time you need your car cleaned or detailed… Hand washing doesn’t only damage your paint job, but it’s also harmful to the environment. Automatic car washes aren’t the best options either. Professional car detailers know what they’re doing, and are the best option in keeping your car in good condition.

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