What’s the Difference Between Car Wax and Polish

What’s the Difference Between Car Wax and Polish

Here at The Best Detail, we serve car owners in Las Vegas and surrounding areas in which exterior car maintenance is extremely important. As a result, one of the most popular questions we get asked is “what is the difference between car wax and polish?” and that’s exactly what we hope to answer in this post.

In order to effectively compare these two preventative solutions, it’s best to understand how they protect cars individually. So that’s where we will start; with a brief overview of how wax and polish applications are applied, how they work, and their effectiveness. If you have inquiries that go beyond questions that may have been answered in this post, or if you are interested in getting a free quote for your car, give us a call at 702-494-8097.

Car Wax

Some car waxes out there are made out of vegetable compounds, such as carnauba, and other waxes are made out of animal compounds, such as bees wax. These compounds are special because they do not mix with water, and they aren’t really affected it by it. Such a property is important for car maintenance because it ensures that the wax will not get washed off with normal washes or rain. Car wax also has a high melting point of 180-190 °F, so you can expect them to remain intact even in the hottest day during Las Vegas’s sweltering summers.

In addition to car waxes using either vegetable or animal compounds, they also make use of solvents, silicone fluids, and colorants. It’s important to take these other substances into account before applying them to your car, because they may end up damaging your exterior if they are not compatible with the surface you apply it to.

Cars which have rust on them, swirls, or other issues should also consult with a professional detailer before applying any wax to them. This could lead to further rusting and other problems, especially if the underlying issues are not taken care of first.

Although car waxes are very durable, they only last a few months. With enough wear and tear, any car wax will eventually come off and no longer provide the protection it did after it was applied.

Car Polish


Polishing a car is somewhat like sanding down wood to a fine polish. An abrasive machine is used to finely polish the surface of a car and bring out a reflection in the paint which is not possible any other way.

Another method of polishing a car includes the use of Glazing products. These solutions are applied to the exterior of a car to fill up microscopic pores, which result in shiny surfaces.

The Difference Between Car Wax and Polish

Whereas car waxing should be completed every three to six months, polishing should only be done when you notice problems with your exterior. A polish will smooth out any imperfections, smudges, and soft scratches. A glazing product will accomplish the same thing, but without using any abrasive methods.

In theory, a car polish can last years. It is does not become dull as quickly as wax does from rain and car washes. The only thing that truly impacts a car polishing, is scratches and other damage to the exterior of a car.

Most car enthusiasts polish their car once, and then regularly wax it. They only polish the underneath again if deep scratches show up, or if a considerable amount of time passes and it’s appropriate to polish their car again in order to bring back its luster.

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