What you Need to Know About Car Paint Protection

What you Need to Know About Car Paint Protection

Avoid All-in-One Cleaning Solutions

Although the idea of an all-in-one product sounds great for your car, it’s not. These solutions claim to provide both cleaning and waxing for your car. Yet all-in-one products are really ineffective at doing either of these things.

The best way to protect your car’s paint is to wash it, and then apply a wax, sealant, or glass gloss to it. Any other paint protection method out there is just too good to be true.

Know Your Car Paint Protection Products

There are hundreds of paint protection products and brands all designed for different purposes. If you use the wrong product on your car you could be doing more harm to your paint than good.
If you want to protect your car’s paint for years to come, then you need to get the exact product your car needs. At Best Detail we use special databases that tell us specifically what your car’s paint requires to be protected. We take the guessing out of protecting your car’s paint, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Facts about Car Paint Protection

• Maintaining your car’s paint is better than fixing your paint job after it determinates
• Even basic things like tree sap and bird droppings can damage paint
• A car’s paint condition is really important in increasing its resale value
• Glass glossing is sometimes a better solution than traditional waxing
• Traditional waxing can actually damage some type of paints

What is Auto Glass Coating?

Glass coating is a new technology used in protecting car paint. It is based on the chemical compound called silica. Whereas traditional wax products are based on paraffin which is weakened by water and heat, silica is much more durable.

The application of glass coating also doesn’t require rough rubbing onto the paint, so it doesn’t cause swirls, lines and cuts. The process of traditionally waxing a car can damage paint through the friction. Glass coating on the other hand is much less destructive.

Paint Protectant vs Wax

As a car owner it can be really hard to decide between paint protectant and wax. Depending on your car’s paint, paint protectant might be a better choice than wax. If you have any questions regarding what product you should use, or if you’re interesting in protecting your paint, then give us a call.

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