Tips to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Car

Tips to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Car

If you’re looking to clean your car that has been damaged as a result of smoking in it, then look no further. Here at The Best Detail we provide the best service when it comes to getting unwanted odors and related damage out. Give us a call at (702) 494-8097 to request a free quote or to learn more. We’re always available and ready to answer your questions!

For those looking to get cigarette smoke out by themselves and at home, then there are quite a few different methods that can help. In this article we’ll walk you through all those tips and tricks and, with a little bit of time and elbow grease, your car should smell much better than it did before cleaning it.

The Best Way to Remove Smoke Damage is to Understand It

Although cigarette smoke has a distinct odor that non-smokers will pick up on right away, it also has many other downsides for a car. Interiors that have been exposed to a lot of smoke will yellow as a result of it. Not many people know this, but smoke will cling to windows, windshields, and even foam. It’s not just the odor that will be stuck inside the car, but also a grimy texture and color that will be off-putting for passengers or potential buyers.

If you want to properly remove smoke damage from your car, then it’s important to understand that it causes a lot of damage that has to be equally addressed.

Deep Clean All Surfaces

Cleaning a car that has been smoked inside of should always begin with vacuuming. This will get out any ash and smoke particles before starting the cleaning process, which could actually push this debris further in if not removed. If you have a steam cleaner, then you should use it. It won’t necessarily be as powerful as a professional detailing steam cleaner, but it will still be better than nothing.

Use Plenty of Ozone

Ozone is a special product that purifies the air inside of a car by trapping odors in an ozone molecule. It doesn’t cover up smells like other products do; instead it completely neutralizes it. In order to get the best result from Ozone, it’s a good idea to ozone your car three times with time in between for the product to do its work.

Scent Your Car with Natural Scents

When it comes to car scents, pleasant odors are either a hit or a miss. Don’t just use the cheapest scent available at your gas station. Go to a car detailing shop where there is a wider range of natural scents that you can choose from. We recommend using a spray called Neutra-Scent that can be sprayed inside of your car, as well as its ventilation, in order to neutralize contaminates effectively.

Clean Your Air Intake

It’s important to clear your air intake of any ash or dust that may be present around in, or inside of it. You should vacuum any debris that is visible on, or within, your air intake. Then you can spray deodorizer on it in order to remove the smell of smoke from the vents, blower evaporator, and other surfaces that come into contact with the air that will end up being pushed into your car.

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