The Importance of Tire Detailing

The Importance of Tire Detailing

Although interior and exterior auto care is sometimes overlooked, nothing gets as overlooked in this industry as tire detailing. There are so many car owners that overlook maintaining their tires simply because they feel that they are replaceable and don’t need to be cared for. There are equally many car detailers that will hose down tires with water and not provide any further care since they know that the expectations for tires are not high.

Here at The Best Detail, we believe that every car owner should be offered excellent tire detailing services. As a result, we provide the best detailing options in the Las Vegas area and are proud of our reliable work that never skimps on any detail.

Our team knows that all tires should be cared for since they are equally exposed to dirt, grime, salt, dust, grease, tar, and harsh sun exposure. It doesn’t matter if you have special rims or tires, or if you have stock tires: the fact of the matter is that vehicle manufactures recommend maintaining tires and skimping out on that care can lead to sudden failure, unnecessary repairs, and expensive replacements. Even though tires are replaced after a certain amount of mileage, it is possible to get more life out of them by taking care of them and making sure that manufacturer recommendations are met.

The Downsides of Overlooking Tire Detailing

Tires which are not regularly maintained often begin to suffer from something known as “tire browning” which is brought on by elements wearing down the material. Once tires become brown as a result of coming into contact with rust, dust, and dirt without being cleaned on time, it can become very difficult to regain their dark black color.

Tiring browning is obviously not a good visual aspect of a car. If you’re going to try to sell a car with such tires, you’re not going to get as good of a sale as you would for a car that has been properly maintained. And even if you don’t plan on trading a car with tire browning effects, you’d still have to replace your tires much sooner than necessary because of it. Furthermore, overlooking tire detailing leads to cracking, drying, and other issues that are too late to reverse by the time that symptoms become apparent.

Important Tips for Ensuring Proper Tire Detailing

When detailing tires, it’s important that you or your detailing company knows what they are doing. It can be all too easy to attempt a DIY project, or to hire an amateur company, and to end up with subpar results or tire damages.

In order to avoid the mistake of contaminating the exterior of your car with tire debris, it’s important to wash tires prior to car bodies. If you clean your exterior first and then clean the tires, you’re essentially working backwards and it will cause more work than necessary. It’s also important to clean one tire at a time so that there’s time for completing the detailing, without the product being used drying up.

When a car owner attempts a DIY project or they hire an inexperienced detailer, they will often try to spray down all four tires with cleaning product and only to have it dry by the time they get to it. It definitely doesn’t make sense to do this, since it leads to either using more product or skipping proper cleaning all together.

Another great tip to keep in mind, is that tires should always be cleaned using the products and brushes that are specifically made for them. Do not use harsh tire cleaning products on rims, and vice versa. The results will either be sub par tire cleaning, or harsh and damaging results on rims.

It’s also important to never overlook tire drying. After cleaning is complete, drying your tires is an absolute must. This ensures that water spots do not form on them, and that they are ready for wheel protectant and tiring dressing. As for these extra solutions, it’s never a good idea to skip on wheel protectant applications. Without these products your tires will be exposed to the elements. Here at The Best Detail, we provide the best tire sealants that give them a stunning shine and great protection.

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