Silver Exterior Package

Our Silver Exterior Package 5-YEAR WARRANTY

Paint Correction

Your car will be fully paint corrected before the coating is being applied. This process can be very time consuming and difficult. We have therefore divided our prices after the condition the car is in.
New car = less than 1 000 miles this year’s model
Used car = less than 30 000 miles not older than 5 years
Weathered car = more than 30 000 miles or older than 5 years.

The price can be increased or decreased once your local detailer inspects the vehicle on site. If the price is increased you can always decline the offer and be fully refunded.

Permanent Paint Protection

We will apply one layer of our liquid glass coating on top of your vehicles paint. The layers will after some time cure and create a very hard super slick transparent shield that will protect your vehicles paint. The only way to remove the shield is through abrasion.

Here are the Amazing characteristics of this nano glass shield:

  • Prevent Light Scratches ++
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Prevent Corrosion
  • Self-Cleaning
  • he exterior on the vehicle gets so slick that tar, brake dust and build ups etc. won’t bond to the surface.
  • Extreme gloss!
  • better visibility and easier to get rid of ice from windshield


  • 1 layer of 9H
  • 1 layer of “Light” as a top coat
  • 1 layer of 9H on plastic, rims
  • 1 layer of ”Rain” on windshield and front side windows

5-year warranty
Ceramic Pro LCC warrant the vehicles exterior painted surface coated with Ceramic Pro 9H and Light from environmental induced contaminants such as; bird droppings, tar, tree sap, bug impacts and oxidation. Should this damage occur, and providing that all of the terms and conditions have been met, Ceramic Pro LCC will rectify the damage under the “Limit of Liability”.