How to Repair Car Paint Problems

How to Repair Car Paint Problems

If your car went through an unlucky painting batch during it’s manufacturing, or it had a shoddy repainting later down the line, you may find yourself dealing with paint problems. Here at The Best Detail, we have successfully solved dozens of different paint issues and are delighted to share the knowledge that we have on this topic.

Paint problems that arise seemingly out of nowhere can be a burden to deal with, and we hope that the information we share below will be valuable to you. If you have any questions regarding your own car, or are interested in a free quote for car paint repair or any of our other services, give us a call at (702) 494-8097.

Auto Paint Cracking

When your paint starts to crack you have to act as fast as possible to identify the issue and get it resolved. Without taking the proper steps in replacing your paint and sealing it off from cracking again, you could be looking at costly consequences such as the formation of rust and additional cracking.

Cracked paint occurs due to an undercoat that is too thick, or a defective topcoat film that has let the elements erode at the paint underneath. Cracked paint, which can also be referred to as checking, crow’s feet, or crazing, can also occur when you get a paint job done by an amateur that uses forced air to dry the undercoat.

Unfortunately, when your paint starts to crack the only solution is to remove your paint’s film, and repaint, and then refinish. If you’re dealing with a painting problem due to manufacturing, you may be looking at having to repaint your whole car. But most of the time cracked paint occurs only on one section of your car, such as a fender, or a hood, and is relatively easy to get fixed as opposed to an entire car.

At The Best Detail we can completely remove damaged and cracked paint, and make sure that your new paint job is flawless.

Etching Due to Chemicals or Cleaning Products

Car paint can become etched for a variety of reasons ranging from acid rain, to using incorrect cleaning products. Most of the time we deal with etching issues, it’s due to previous cleaning steps carried out through a DIY project or by a non-experienced detailer.

Luckily, etching can be fixed most of the time through a thorough car wash. Cleaning your car’s exterior with hot water and a soap mixture, or baking soda with water, then rinsing and drying it can get the job done.

But for etching issues that are more severe, we recommended utilizing the help of a professional that can clean your car with the right solutions and tools. Here at The Best Detail, we are stocked with all of the cleaning solutions and techniques necessary for delivering a perfect paint repair every time! To schedule a free quote, give us a call at (702) 494-8097.

Other Auto Paint Problems That Cars Can Have

In addition to cracking and etching, there are a dozen other ways where issues can become present in paint. These include bleeding issues, where the original finish discolors, die back issues, where the gloss is lost after it is applied, dry spray issues, where small bumps appear under the paint, and so much more.

Here at The Best Detail, we specialize in dealing with these issues, and many other paint complications such as fish eyes, orange peel, paint color matching, paint runs and sags, scratches, and dust contamination.

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