Opti Coat Paint Protection

Opti Coat Paint Protection

By Peter Snovitch

Opti-Coat is a paint protectant that bonds permanently with the factory paint, unlike wax or sealants that wax away. The reason Opti-Coat is able to be so durable is its 2 micron thickness. Other paint protection products such as wax are only .02 microns. That makes Opti-Coat 100 times thicker, and really durable.

Why Is Opti-Coat Better Than Waxes or Sealants?

In today’s car washing market, the quicker the wash means more money for the car wash. However to clean cars really quickly, these businesses have to use really strong chemicals. These chemicals get rid of the grime and dirt off cars, but they also strip waxes and sealants off.
Another benefit of Opti-Coat is its protection effectiveness. Normal wax and sealant products still let tree sap and bird droppings damage the factory paint, while Opti-Coat stops the damage in its tracks.

Why is Opti-Coat so Effective?

Opti-Coat isn’t applied by rubbing it in like other paint protection solutions. Opti-Coat on the other hand is chemically bonded with the factory paint. This chemical bond also turns your car’s surface into a permanent hydrophobic area that is easy to clean and repels dirt.

Increasing Your Car’s Resale Value

Protecting your car using Opti-Coat is going to increase your car’s resale value for a number of reasons. The first one is that when you sell the car, it will be more lustrous and have a stronger color than if you waxed it over the years. Buffing wax into a car can fade out the color through the repetitive friction.

The other reason Opti-Coat increases you car’s resale value is that the new owner won’t have to wax his car or pay for an Opti-Coat installation. Your car will come with a permanent paint protectant that never washes off or breaks down.

How Does Opti-Coat Work Exactly?

Opti-Coat bonds to your car chemically, but it also bonds to itself. When the Opti-Coat is first applied to your car it will bond to the factory paint or clear coat underneath. Then the Opti-Coat will cross-link and harden. Within 12 hours it’s ready to be exposed to water, and within 30 days it is 100% permanent.

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