Maintenance Programs

Car Detailing Maintenance Programs

The Best Detail has built a strong reputation in the Las Vegas area over the past decade through its reliable and excellent services. Because of our great track record, we are happy to offer a worry-free maintenance program specifically designed for each and every one of your vehicles. Superior Touch isn’t just some “bring the car into it once” type of business. We establish lasting relationships with our customers who trust us to regularly maintain their vehicles.

We didn’t start this business to wash a handful of vehicles a day. We started this business to cater to vehicle-crazy enthusiasts who want their cars, RV’s, boats, and aircrafts personally maintained and kept in a perfect condition at all times. Don’t count on us to just wash your car. Our services go way beyond the basic car cleaning you’ve seen elsewhere.

A lot of people ask us how they need to take care of their vehicle and it has never been easier than taking their cars over to the Best Detail. Taking care of your car is as simple as getting it maintained on a regular basis. At the Best Detail we recognize that every vehicle is different and needs to be treated different ways depending on each daily use. Believe it or not, all cars are made differently: even though not all detailers would agree.

Our Car Maintenance Program Schedules

Whether you’re looking to have your vehicle cleaned weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly we can set up a routine program for that specific vehicle to keep it looking its best! You wouldn’t go 20,000 miles without changing your engine’s oil, so why would you go years or months without getting your car detailed?

After we service your vehicle, RV, boat, or aircraft we will take notes on what can be done to maintain it, and after your servicing we will propose a maintenance routine you can start that day.

Some of us car-crazy people love both the inside and outside of our vehicles looking amazing for those weekend car shows we like to show off our pride and joy at. Some of the other car-crazy people love having their vehicle’s paint fresh to be smooth as glass, while others love adding extra attention to the interior.
Whether you’re looking to show off your car at a show or you want your interior to shine while driving your clients around, you can trust the Best Detail to get the job done right and with an unprecedented excellence.

Detailing is an Investment Worth Maintaining

Did you know the resale value of having your vehicle detailed once can help you sell it for an extra 10%? Imagine how much more you can sell it for if you take care of your vehicle regularly! Buying a car is an investment that is worth maintaining. Even if you don’t plan on selling your car or vehicle ever, it’s still important to extend the useable life of your asset. Whether your car is a monetary investment or just a valuable you want to enjoy, it has to be properly maintained.

Why Choose The Best Detail

Why take your vehicle through a car wash, when we can come personally take care of it on a whole new level, which has never been made so easy and convenient.

Washing your car every month for a year is good, but if you don’t get your car detailed once in a while you’re missing out. That’s like rotating your tires every couple of months for five years and never replacing them. The tire rotation is a good temporary solution, but after a while you need to make a small investment in your car again.

Car washing and detailing works the same way. It’s a good idea to maintain the interior and exterior just like you would maintain your engine or tires: with regular maintenance and attention to details.

We provide the best car detailing maintenance programs in Las Vegas, NV. Our technicians are highly skilled in offering you the best service possible. Call us today at 725-267-5010 to set up an appointment. You can also find our location information here . We look forward to meeting you.