Boat, Jet Ski, Sail Boat Detailing

Boat, Jet Ski, Sail Boat Detailing

By Peter Snovitch

There is no easy way to restore a boat by yourself in Las Vegas. However Las Vegas boat detailing services makes it really easy. Paying a professional boat detailer not only saves you time, but also money. Detailing your boat the right way also makes it less likely to get it damaged in the long run.

If you’re up for the risk and learning curve, then DIY boat detailing is an option, but if not leave it to the pros.

Las Vegas Sail Boat Detailing Services

From hand washing and hard water removal to maid service, Las Vegas sail boat detailing has it all:

  • Wash & dry
  • Hard water removal
  • Caulk cleaning
  • Chrome & Aluminum polishing
  • Clean and dress cockpit
  • Cushions & Vinyl
  • Teak
  • Carpets
  • Light dock & Fender mark removal
  • Water lines
  • Restoration
  • Oxidization removal
  • Hand waxing exterior of boat
  • Monthly boat washing
  • General clean-up of cabin
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Clean counters
  • Bottom cleaning
  • Insurance claims
  • Steam cleaning interior and exterior
  • Hull and topside exterior boat detailing

Responsibilities of a Boat Owner

Boats are more than just a method of water transportation. They are a style statement and require the proper upkeep to maintain. After all, the details are the most important. Every single part of a boat’s interior and exterior should shine so that it is presented in the best way possible.

Keeping a boat glossy and not rusting is merely a responsibility of a boat owner. If a boat isn’t taken care of properly it can quickly start to deteriorate or lose its luster. Why own a boat if it can’t be maintained for years to come?

Professional Boat Detailers

Las Vegas boat detailing is done by the most professional technicians in the industry. With decades of experience their work is nothing short of perfect. Boat detailers also understand that their work isn’t just to detail boats, but to also keep the customer happy. That’s why the customer and their convenience are always prioritized.

Whether you’re looking for boat, Jet Ski, or yacht detailing, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in good hands with Las Vegas boat detailing.

The Best Detail in Las Vegas, NV

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