Intro to Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings

Ceramic Pro protective coatings are invented and manufactured by Nano Shine. These coatings are applied to automotive paint, fabric, leather, plastic, and rubber to maintain such surfaces and the automobile’s overall value.

One of Ceramic Pro’s products is their Nano-Ceramic Paint protection. This protection plan comes in a permanent protection solution for automotive owners, as well as a 24 month protection solution. The permanent protective paint coating from Nano Shine is one of the best products in the world for protecting a car’s paint job. In addition to offering a high gloss finish and protecting against oxidation, corrosion, and scratches like regular protection coatings do, Nano Shine’s paint protection is also anti-graffiti and never wears off.

Why Choose Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings

The life-time bonding promise of the permanent paint protection is even backed by a lifetime warranty. Not to mention that Nano Shine’s paint protection is even resistant to UV rays, weather, heat, and chemicals. In addition, their paint protection has a Super Hydrophobic Effect as well, so water slides right off your paint job instead of lingering around and causing rust, fading, and spotting.

When it comes to Ceramic Pro’s dedication to perfection, you don’t really have to hear it from them. They have been tested and certified by the world’s best certification company, SGS, as the best product for permanent automotive paint protection.

Nano Shine’s History

When Nano Shine began formulating their coatings, they started off with a formula designed from the ground up with a Nano-ceramic compound. This compound was initially designed for manufacturer coatings that are applied to automotive paint finishes in the factory, but have been adapted by companies like Nano Shine to be used in commercial paint finishes as well.

What Makes Ceramic Pro So Effective?

Unlike other finishes that come off within a few months, if not weeks, Ceramic Pro is not a wax or sealant that is prone to wearing off. Instead, this solution is applied in such a way that the molecules of the current finish of an automotive paint job are permanently bonded to the top ceramic finish. Removing a product such as Ceramic Pro from a car that has had it applied cannot be done through weathering or regular chemicals, it requires a fine sanding machine to polish off the permanent finish.

What Else Can Ceramic Pro Protect?

In addition to the main paint protection Ceramic Pro product, there are also products for other automotive materials that are offered with the same effective nano-ceramic formula. One of these products for example is Ceramic Pro Rain, which is a Super Hydrophobic glass coating. This coating will keep glass cleaner, repel water so that it rolls off, and will make windshields and front wiper blades extremely water resistant.

Applying Ceramic Pro to your windshield will also improve safety, because water will no longer sheet over windows and cause a visibility hazard. This is why Ceramic Pro is used by a lot of commercial truck drivers.

There’s also the Ceramic Pro Textile protection solution which utilizes a photoelectron semiconductor solution. This solutions bonds with textile material more effectively than any other product to repel spills and keep the underneath material clean at all times. Ceramic Pro is also available for leather and plastic coatings, as well as a maintenance coating, cleaner polish, and air purification product.

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