Interior Packages

Our Interior Packages

Our Interior Packages

Prep Work

The prep work on a vehicles interior can vary a lot. The process can be very time consuming and difficult. We have therefore divided our prices after the condition the car is in.

New car = less than 1 000 miles this year’s model
Used car = less than 30 000 miles not older than 5 years
Weathered car = more than 30 000 miles or older than 5 years.

Surface Protection

The interior of the vehicle will be protected by our glass coating. Our products range allows us to apply product to almost all the interior. The durability of our coating depends on what the surfaces get exposed to and how they are maintained. Talk to our local installer and he will give you the right advise to keep the interior looking new.

Keeping The Interior Clean

The coated surface will be super repellent to any liquid, hot or cold.

Minimize Aging

The UV protection in the coating will slow down the aging process.

Making Old Look New

Faded surfaces will get their luster back.