Interior Detailing


For any car owner, it is worthwhile for a plethora of reasons to get a thorough interior car detailing done. Detailing the interior of a car is a difficult task as compared to the exterior as it requires experience and skills involving special attention to every minute detail that makes the vehicle spick and span.

After all we spend a large part of our lives in our cars, just like a second home. At The Best Detail, It is our job to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for you to drive around. Our professionals will leave the interior of your car spotless and refreshing—just the way you would expect it to be.

We understand that your car is an important asset in your life which needs to be maintained so that its value doesn’t drop in the long run. As specialists in car detailing, we strive to help you maintain your car in the best shape possible.

Interior Detailing Services / Here’s What We Offer

– Vacuuming The Interiors and The Trunk (if accessible): A high quality vacuum is used to suck all the tiny dust particles and food particles from every nook and corner of the car, including beneath the seats, sides and the ducts. We thoroughly vacuum the trunk which is one the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning your car. Certain stubborn particles like pet hair and lint are taken care of with our special brushes.

– Cleaning Hard Surfaces: We use special cleaners, micro fiber cloths, brushes, and steamers to clean the hard surfaces like the door panels, visors, handles, center console, vents, cup holders, cubbies, dashboard, steering wheel, door jambs, windows etc., post which they are dressed and UV protected.

– Refurbishing Leather Seats/Doors/Dashboard: Seats and other upholstery get dirty from dirty clothes, food particles, pet hair, spilled drinks and others. For leather upholstery, we use Meguiar’s Interior Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, special brushes, soft microfibers to safely clean and condition the surfaces and seats.

– Shampooing Floor Mats and Carpets: Mats and carpets get the dirtiest in the car owing to dirty shoes. We clean it with superior quality cleaners, steamers, and extractors to safely clean the mats and carpets. Other stubborn food, drink and other spills are extracted with our precision 210 degree hot water soil extractor after scrubbing it with high quality upholstery soap. Scotch Guarding your carpet and upholstery to protect it from future spills is also something which we do.

– Cleaning Windows/Sunroof/Windshield: Once everything is thoroughly cleant, we then concentrate the windows, sunroof and the windshield. Being a very sensitive area, we use a high quality non-ammonia glass cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth post which everything is looks crystal clear.

– Odor Treatment: We clean, sanitize, and deodorize your car of vomit and other biological spills using special soaps, disinfectants, extractors, steamers, odor and microorganism-eliminating ozone generators. Post which we spray a rejuvenating car freshener to end things on a sweet smelling note.

Why Choose The Best Detail?
We treat our customers like family members and understand the significance your car has in your life. Customers who bring in their cars twice a year for detailing love how fresh and new their cars feel after we’re done.

You would think it’s impossible to keep that new-car smell and luster for year after year, but it’s actually not. With the right interior products and detailing solutions, we can help maintain your car in the best shape possible as long as your keep bringing it in.

Our team of professionals provide one of the best auto detailing service in Las Vegas, NV in the quickest time possible.

Call us today at 725-267-5010 to set up an appointment. You can also find our location information here. We look forward to taking you and your car on a rejuvenating experience.