How to Restore Your Boat’s Shine

How to Restore Your Boat’s Shine

In this article, we’re going to be covering everything that you need to know to restore your boat’s shine. Before proceeding with any of the techniques described, please make sure that any of the products or solutions you use are recommended for the surfaces that you will be working on. Otherwise you might end up with undesired swirls or even damage that would be frustrating and expensive to deal with.

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The First Step to a Perfect Shine – Boat Cleaning

The outer surface of a boat can accumulate a lot of grim and algae which should always be removed prior to beginning your restoration process. To get started with cleaning, you can mix a cup of detergent and a gallon of water to make a DIY cleaning solution.

Use a sponge to wash the surface of your boat using the solution you made, and be extra careful to not let it get on your hands. You always want to protect your hands from solutions used to clean because they can be abrasive to skin. Use rubber gloves while cleaning and never clean your boat in an enclosed space without ventilation. If you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals, also use a mask to protect your lungs from the fumes that even simple detergents and their scents can emit.

If you come across stains on the exterior of your boat which are hard to remove, you may have to make use of a concentrated cleaning solution. You can find these at your local boat store, along with cleaning pads that have handles on them and make the process of removing difficult stains that much easier.

The Second Step to a Perfect Shine – Boat Degreasing

After you’ve cleaned your boat, you want to make sure that no oil or grease is present on the surface. Don’t be fooled by the detergent cleaning visible stains and think that it has also removed oils. Just because dirt and sea salt has been cleaned off your boat does not mean that a small film of oil isn’t still present.

In order to get rid of any contaminants that might remain, use a brand-new rag or towel that is soaked in MEK or acetone. Always get a new clothe when the old one starts to get dirty, continue protecting your hands using rubber gloves, and never forget to wear a mask when using such chemicals!

Even if you do not have allergies or are sensitive to these substances it’s recommended to wear a mask. If you ever get light headed or nauseous while using these things, take a break and don’t continue until you have the right protection in place.

The Third Step to a Perfect Shine – Boat Polishing

Polishing your boat lets you smooth down its surface in a similar way that using sandpaper on wood makes it smoother. To polish the exterior of a boat you will need a small cloth with a dab of polish on. Then you want to rub the polish into the surface in a circular motion. You’ll notice that the surface will start to shine, and after a longer time it will reflect lights to the point that it sparkles in a similar way to glass.

The Final Step – Protecting Your Exterior

Once you’ve polished your boat’s exterior you’ll want to apply two coats of wax to protect the surface. Without this last step, all your work is essentially for nothing and within a matter of weeks or even days your surface will no longer be glossy and protected.

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