How to Prevent Swirls

How to Prevent Swirls

If you’ve ever tried removing swirl marks from your car, then you know how frustrating and difficult it can be. The best way to avoid that frustration, as well as the cost of buffing out swirl marks, is by preventing swirls altogether. And the best way to prevent swirls is by having your car detailed only by professionals that know what they’re doing.

Here at The Best Detail we have been cleaning, polishing, and restoring cars for over a decade, so you can trust us to provide reliable results every time. We have the correct techniques ready for polishing your car, as well as the right products. If you’re interested in having your car polished, then give us a call at (702) 494-8097. We can provide you with a free quote, whether it be for a polishing service or for removing swirls.

However, if you decide you would like to polish your own car it is important to read through the rest of this page to learn how to avoid damaging your car.

Never Skip Claying

Without claying your car before polishing it, you are leaving all debris on its surface. Why would you want to polish in tree wax, bird droppings, dust, and other things that will bring on visual problems for your car’s surface? In order to have the best polishing job, you should always clay your car in order to clean it and smooth it out.

Use the Proper Backing Plate Hardness

A professional detailer will always determine what the hardness should be on their backing plate before beginning to buff. If you are polishing your car by yourself, you should make sure that the backing plate has enough room to push back. Otherwise, it could cause permanent damage to the paint and structure of your car.

Always Test Your Buffing Pad

Before buffing your entire car, it’s a good idea to test the pad on a section that is as small as possible. It doesn’t matter what type of material your pad is made out of. If you fail to test it before beginning to buff your entire car, you are setting yourself up for swirls, damage, and other complications.

Don’t Use Products Not Designed for Your Car’s Surfaces

Here at the Best Detail we have a detailed database of what products work best with specific types of paint jobs and finishes. Before applying any product to your car, make sure that it is not going to be abrasive. Read all of the labels and make sure that the product you’re using is compatible with any buffing pads or techniques that you are also employing.

Don’t Tilt Your Buffing Pad

Tilting your buffing pad is a surefire way to dent your car and scratch it with dry buffs. Buffing pads have the necessary material to polish surfaces on their bottom side, not on the edges. While some detailers will bring buffers to their edge for certain spots, it’s important to know what you’re capable of with a buffing machine and what you’re not. Driving the edge of a pad into a car’s exterior will remove its clear coat, damage the paint, and even dent the structure if the pressure is great enough.

Never Use Household Detergents to Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car, rinsing it, and drying it before a polishing is always a great idea. However, it is never a great idea to use household detergents. They will damage your car’s coating and remove any paint protection such as wax or sealants that have been applied to it in the past.

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