Hand Polishing vs. Machine Polishing Automobiles

Hand Polishing vs. Machine Polishing Automobiles

Here at The Best Detail we want to provide you with the valuable insights that will make your decision process for maintaining your car as clear as possible. To do this, we feel that it’s important to fully answer the question of whether it’s better to hand polish a car or machine polish it.

We get asked this question so much that we decided it’s finally time to spill all the information we have gained and make it available to you.

Hand Polishing Benefits and Downsides

Everyone knows what hand polishing is, but not everyone knows the benefits of it that makes it hard to compare to other alternatives. Hand polishing is great because it gives you the ability to focus on small surfaces such as door handles, trim, and other areas of your car’s exterior. It is also something that someone who decides DIY can feel comfortable giving a try.

Polishing by hand also lets you feel comfortable when dealing with sensitive paint, either because you’re working on an antique car or because your manufacturer has issued a warning. If you have the time to work on your car, or want a professional detailer to ensure that sensitive paint isn’t harm in anyway, you would want to go with hand polishing.

The only downside to this method is that if you do it yourself, or hire someone who is inexperienced, it can result in very difficult to remove etchings and wash marks. The best way to avoid this is to always use brand new fiber clothes and to avoid any contamination by getting a new clothe when the old one gets dust on it.

Machine Polishing Benefits and Downsides

You might have heard this method called machine buffering before, and both names are equally valid. Machine polishing is never recommended for DIY cleaning. This is because the slightest mistake in your movements could cause the buffering machine’s rotary buffer to scratch your car’s paint.

When a professional uses this method, the benefits range from being able to cover large areas to being able to correct swirls that are visible on the paint. Swirls often occur because of incorrect polishing techniques. We often get auto owners that come in to have their car detail specifically because the last place they went to didn’t get the job done right. Our recommendation is to skip the ineffective techniques such as attempting yourself, which could prove difficult in the Las Vegas environment that is full of dust, and always hiring a professional.

Our Verdict on Hand Polishing Versus Using a Machine

When we provide auto-detailing services, we always use the method that is most appropriate for the surface at hand. If your car’s manufacturer recommends using a machine on the exterior, we’ll take that into consideration and use the machine as much as possible. But when it comes to door handles and other small surfaces, we won’t take a chance using an overpowered machine to get a small surface polished.

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