A Guide to Cleaning Wheels and Tires

A Guide to Cleaning Wheels and Tires

When car owners clean their cars, and even when professional detailers do, wheels and tires regularly do not receive as much care as other areas. Sometimes it’s because car owners end the cleaning process once the appearance aspect is taken care of, and they don’t continue into preventative steps for their wheels. At other times it’s because car detailers want to save time and money on cleaning projects, so they stop at where the results merely “look good.”

Here at The Best Detail, we want results that are functional, prevent weathering, and save you money. We don’t just provide you with the “looks good detail,” we aim to provide the best detail possible. If you’re interested in cleaning your cars by yourself then read the rest of our guide. If you have any questions about the process, or you’re interested in saving time and having us professionally detail your car, then give us a call at (702) 494-8097. We provide free quotes for car owners in Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas.

The Best Place to Start Cleaning Your Car

When cleaning a car, it’s important to start with your wheels and tires first. If you do it in reverse, and clean them last, you’ll end up splashing the dirt and grime from your tires back onto the exterior of your car which has already been cleaned or waxed.

Choosing the Perfect Cleaning Solution

If you’ve never cleaned your wheels before, then it’s a great idea to ask a professional for guidance on what product to use. Many automotive stores have cleaning specialists that can help you narrow down the product that is most appropriate for your wheels’ surfaces. And we also provide similar information with our free quotes, which you can set up by giving us a call at (702) 494-8097.

If you have hubcaps that are made out of roughcast aluminum or chrome, you’ll have an easier time cleaning them without worrying about damage. This is because these surfaces are much tougher than painted, coated, or anodized wheels.

Always make sure that you use products that explicitly state they are designed for your wheel’s material on the label. For example, do not try to use a Chrome surface cleaner on a painted hubcap. It will etch the paint off and cause permeate damage, and often, expensive damage.

Wheel Cleaning Steps

When cleaning your wheel hubs, make sure to use brand new rags or cleaning cloths. Anything else will cause scratches from the dirt and debris that may be stuck to your cleaning surfaces. When cleaning your wheels, you’ll want to make sure that you focus on one wheel at a time. Don’t apply wheel cleaning solution to all wheels and then spend your time cleaning one, and moving on to the others. This will result in your cleaning solution drying up.

If you focus on cleaning one wheel at a time, you’ll ensure that you’re as efficient as possible. Don’t forget to clean your wheels themselves. Some cleaners, such as ones that come in a gel solution, can be used on both wheels and tires. These gel solutions are designed to get small brake dust that may have been absorbed into the rubber of your tires, as well as porous areas of your wheel hubs.

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