Glass Cleaning Facts and Tips for Autos in Las Vegas

Glass Cleaning Facts and Tips for Autos in Las Vegas

Great car detailing goes a long way past a quality waxing, full vacuuming, and an indoor cleaning. At The Best Detail, we focus on perfecting every aspect of your car using the best cleaning techniques available. This means that every single nook and cranny will get the attention it needs, and we will never cut corners in any way.

Whereas other auto cleaning companies in the area approach such a task such as window cleaning with only Windex and paper towels, we go much further. Out of all of the services we provide, we are exceptionally proud of our auto glass cleaning results and for good reason.

The Best Detail Approach to Auto Glass Cleaning

Did you know that in addition to effective glass cleaning improving the aesthetics of a car, it also improves its safety? The results that come out of Windexing the windows of a car often result in cloudy windows, with many smears, that can reduce a driver’s visibility and result in an accident. Furthermore, household glass cleaners that are not designed for auto use can strip down protective layers on windows. Not to mention that household glass cleaners can also cause wipers to crack and become dry, which will also result in reduced visibility if the wipers cannot effectively wipe rain off the windows.

At The Best Detail, we use solutions designed specifically for auto glass. And we never use paper towels. The only surfaces that we use on windows are clean microfiber towels which contain no wood fibers. Whereas the wood fibers in paper towels can scratch windows, microfiber cloths can not.

Before beginning the cleaning process of windows, we also make sure that surface debris is removed. If you attempt to rub a window while debris and dust is still present on it, the small particles will get ground into the window which will cause microscopic scratches to damage the window. These microscopic scratches will then give off a cloudy appearance, as well as a muted effect in which you can never really see through the window clearly again.

DIY Auto Glass Cleaning Tips

If you’re cleaning your auto glass at home, or by yourself wherever you may be, it’s important to follow a few tips as outlined below:

  • Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products. This substance will dry out wipers, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather. It is also toxic to breath in and an especially bad idea to use within a car, or inside of a garage which does not have much ventilation.
  • Never let ammonia-based cleaning products touch tinted windows. Only ammonia-free cleaning solutions should be used on tinted windows, otherwise you risk doing a lot of damage to the glass of your car.
  • Make sure that you use an appropriate polish for your window tints, if you have any window tints.
  • Also make sure to use interior and exterior window polish respectively. If you apply interior polish to the exterior of your car, you may end up doing more harm than good.
  • Do not just use plain water to clean your windows. Contaminants on windows will be made up of grease, tree saplings, bird waste, and other tough substances. Make use of a special auto glass cleaning product, as well as clean microfiber towels to effectively clean these things off your windows. Also, if your towel becomes soiled, do not continue to rub the contaminants around your window. Get a new towel! Towels are cheaper than replacing damaged or stained windows caused by rubbing in tree saplings and dust into them.

Clean Your Auto Glass Regularly

The frequency of how often you should clean your car’s glass will depend on a wide range of factors such as the amount of time you keep the car in your garage, if you keep it in a garage at all, the environment you use the car in, and so forth. At the very least it’s important to clean your car’s windows at least once every three to four months. For cars that get dirtier often, windows should be clean as often as once a week. In order to narrow down an appropriate cleaning schedule, you can ask a detailing professional to inspect your car when you take it in for a cleaning.

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