Fleet Services

Fleet Services in Las Vegas, NV

Using the Best Detail for all your fleet service needs has never been easier. You’re just a phone call away from being setup on a fleet service of your choice for any amount of vehicles you need detailed. Our team has experience with many fleet services ranging from personal vehicles, to work trucks, to limos, to busses, to heavy equipment, and dealership fleet services. Our fleet service process is very simple. We will come out to your location and set you up on a service that fits your precise needs: whether that includes cars, RV’s or boats, we handle it all.

Why Choose The Best Detail?

The Best Detail’s fleet services are perfect for mobile service businesses that need to have a great first impression when arriving to a customer’s house, or arriving to pick up clients at hotels, airports and other venues. Have you ever heard the saying that “appearance is everything” and worried about not being professional enough? Well, if you let us detail your fleet you will never have to worry about its appearance not meeting the standard of your clients.

We cater to all sorts of fleets and businesses. In fact, we’re known around the Las Vegas area as the detailing experts. Just ask our previous customers or read our testimonials to see the extent of our professional services.

At the Best Detail we’re ready to start working with your business today, show up on time, keep track of the vehicles we detail, and setup a billing cycle that meets your needs and budget.

Auto Detailing Partnerships

In addition to the great services and guarantees we offer, we also have good deals available for car dealerships. Calling and setting up an appointment with the Best Detail is really simple, and we’re always on the other line ready to pick up and help you out.

Our detailing technicians are all professionals and have many years of experience. We know exactly what type of products, equipment and techniques we need to use for certain car makes, models and colors. It’s not surprise that we’ve detailed thousands of vehicles in the Las Vegas area and our customers keep coming back to us. We’ve found the perfect formula for maintaining our high standards of detailing and keeping our customers happy.

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Dealerships and businesses love how easy our services are adapted to fleets. Businesses also love how they can make money by using our services. Yes, you read that correctly! If you’re an individual or business and want to sell our fleet services, just make the sell and update us on the appointment, and we’ll take care of everything on-top of giving you a commission.