Detailing RVS and Motor Homes in Las Vegas

Detailing RVs and Motor Homes

By Peter Snovitch

RVs are moving homes and they require just as much of maintenance if not more than regular homes. Maybe the inside of RVs can be maintained by the owners, but the outside is a bit more time consuming and complicated. The exterior of RVs need caulking, roof repairs, washing, waxing, and many other services to be maintained properly.

Las Vegas detailing RVS is the answer for all of your RV detailing needs. Whether you just came back from a trip and your RV is dirty, or it’s been stored for a long time and needs mildew removal, Las Vegas RV detailing is the solution. They offer all of these services and many more:

Interior of Our RVS:

  • Vacuuming of all carpets
  • Wipe down and sanitize all furniture
  • Cleaning of all glass surfaces
  • Spot stain removal on carpets
  • Woodwork is cleaned and treated
  • Bathroom, toilet, shower, and sink cleaning
  • Cleaning of all appliances including refrigerator, microwave, etc
  • Dashboard cleaning
  • Treatment of chrome and stainless steal
  • Treatment of vinyl surfaces
  • Treatment of leather surfaces
  • Removal of mildew and odors

Exterior of Our RVS:

  • Roof washing and scrubbing
  • RV washing
  • Removal of black streaks, water, streaks, and rust
  • Oxidation and tree sap removal
  • Exterior buff with special RV wax
  • Cleaning and polishing of all glass surfaces
  • Polishing of all chrome, metal, and grills
  • Cleaning of rims and tires
  • Aluminum wheel polishing

Don’t let it Deteriorate!

The Best Detail in Las Vegas, NV

We provide the best RV and Motor Home detailing service in Las Vegas, NV. Our technicians are highly skilled in offering you the best service possible. Call us today at (702) 494-8097 to set up an appointment. You can also find our location information here. We look forward to meeting you.