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Dealership Accounts in Las Vegas, NV

Dealerships that become busy with sales and test-drivers also become busy with the task of detailing their new and used cars, RV’s, and boats. Some vehicles that arrive on the lot may also need a ceramic coating to protect against desert conditions, used cars will need clean ups, and scratched cars will need high-speed buffing/polishing jobs.

Why Partner With The Best Detail

For the detailing needs of a dealership, some may choose to hire a full-time porter to keep the cars clean.However, this isn’t always the most cost effective option. Consider that a professional detailing company invests in the most up-to-date products, equipment and detailing techniques. A full-time porter will not have access to the wide array of detailing experience and equipment that a detailing company has. Not to mention that if an employee damages a car, the dealership is out of luck. Detailers on the other hand are guaranteed to deliver high-end and reliable results every time.

If your dealership already has a full-time detailer or porter, then ask yourself how many times do the vehicles you inspect have to be detailed? Nothing is more frustrating than your porter claiming he is done with detailing a car, only to find it unsatisfactory and in need of more detailing.

With a professional detailing company you can expect vehicles to be detailed properly the first time around. Dealerships can miss out on a lot of car sale profits if their cars aren’t enticing enough for potential customers to purchase.

A car dealership needs to ask itself a range of questions relating to its aesthetic values and whether they are meeting high-end standards or not:

Do vehicles look good after sitting out on the lot for a month or two without being detailed?

Are vehicles grossing what they need to be?

How is the shine lasting on vehicles, is there any haze to the shine?

Does your full time crew actually know what they’re doing?

Does your full time crew use the proper and high-end chemicals for interior and exterior detailing?

Do the chemicals the full time crew use protect the fibers in carpets and maintain leather seats?

Does your full time crew know which polishes and waxes work best for certain color paint and black vehicles?

Most dealerships look at a vehicle as a number and aim for high volumes. They might hire their detailer full time to work on each vehicle that needs to be serviced. But is this detailer going to be reliable and offer real detailing solutions or just rush over the process without any concerns to perfection?

If you’re not 100% that your crew is capable of doing a good job detailing your cars, buffing them and taking care of them, then maybe it’s time to look for outside services to help your car dealership’s image.

Detailers such as the Best Detail have over a decade of detailing experience and know exactly what techniques and products to use to maximize the beautiful color of vehicle paints and bringing out the shine in them that wasn’t though possible.

The Best Detail

Our team at the Best Detail is guaranteed to knock your dealership and its clients off its feet with their stunning detailing work. Give us a try with a car or two, and we can guarantee you will be back with your entire lot.

Also if you’re curious about the Best Detail’s ability to come out to your location, then you’ll be glad to know that we can easily arrange for that. Our detailers are ready to come out to your location to detail your cars, without ever having to drive them off the lot and back every time they’re in need of being detailed.

The ease and promptness of our service is what keeps our other dealership owners so happy. You can ask our previous customers or read our testimonials to affirm for yourself just how easy it is to get started with our dealership services.

Partnering With The Best Detail in Las Vegas

Partnering with our detailing team will guarantee that your cars are always looking top-notch. In fact, we guarantee a perfect job that will leave every vehicle we service with a mirror finish: whether it’s a car, RV or boat, we guarantee the same level of perfection.

Let us make your job easier by providing you with professional detailing services that make selling your vehicles easier and faster. Give us a call today to learn more about the dealership plans we have available.