Convertible Top Care in Las Vegas

Convertible Top Car Care

Maintaining any car is a must if its owner wishes to keep its value and aesthetics high. Convertible top cars look great but also they require much more maintenance than a normal car does. But even with the extra work you have to put into these cars, they are worth every penny. As a convertible car owner you probably already know this.

However, what you may not know is all of the things that could damage your car’s top if not taken care of properly. We’ve put this article together to list everything that a convertible car owner should know to avoid unnecessary repairs or top replacements.

Convertible Top Care Tips

When cleaning your convertible top it’s important to use products that are designed specifically for car tops. Products that are citrus, bleach, silicone or petroleum based can reduce a convertible top’s water resistance. These products can also cause discolorations or breakdowns of the top material or stitching. The wrong top care products can not only deteriorate your cloth or vinyl, as well as breakdown seals, but can also void your warranty.

The ideal, and factory recommended, cleaning product for convertible tops is a natural shampoo that does not contain a glossing agent and is not detergent based. After using the cleaning product, you should rinse your top right away and very thoroughly to insure that no chemicals are left behind. Cleaning product chemicals may fade tops if they aren’t removed after cleaning.

If you think that manually cleaning a convertible top is too much work, do not even consider taking it to an automatic car wash. The high pressure cleaning and chemicals are designed for cleaning windows and car frames, not convertible cars with delicate materials and seals. Manually cleaning your top, or having it detailed, is the best choice in convertible top care. As we said earlier, convertibles do require more maintenance, but it’s definitely worth it.

Convertible owners that have plastic top windows should not use Windex, paper towels, generic cleaners, or hot water. Plastic top windows should be cleaned with a soft microfiber towel and cold or lukewarm water. If you accidently use a generic window cleaner you may cause the plastic to become foggy, spotty, or deteriorated.

Dirty spots on cloth convertible tops should be cleaned with soft bristle brushes designed for auto maintenance. While vinyl convertible tops should be cleaned with soft microfiber clothes, and never with brushes or paper towels.

Another thing that convertible owners should look out for is debris, small tears, or leaks. If any of these “small issues” arise, you should get them fixed right away. Small tears can turn into big tears, leaks can damage your interior, etc. It’s better to invest on top care early on when you need it rather than later when it’s too late and a lot of damage has been done.

If you properly care for your convertible top it will last an average of five to seven years.. If you clean it one day with Windex, take it to an automatic car washer the next week, you shouldn’t be surprised if the top lasts less than two years.

Convertible Car Usage and Warnings

You shouldn’t put your top down when the temperature is under 60 degrees, or leave a top down over night. It’s also a good idea to not put the top down for long periods of times, even if your car is within your garage.

Before putting your top down you should check the top’s base for any objects, materials, or debris. Even the smallest and most innocent materials can scratch or damage a window. If the object in the base is large, it can even cause the frame or top material to become damaged while putting the top down. In the event that your top gets stuck, makes a noise, or is slower than usual when going down, get out of your car and inspect the top deck area. Don’t try to force the top down because you may damage it if something is lodged in there.

If you ever get a new top installed on your car, you should wait a week to two weeks before putting the top down again. Also as mentioned earlier, don’t put your top down if the temperature is under 60 degrees.

Convertible Top Care Services

If you’re interested in having your entire convertible car detailed, or just having your top cleaned, you should give us a call.

Our detailers have more than a decade of experience and knowledge caring for convertible cars. While detailing your convertible top we also keep an eye out for any damage or leaks, so that we can alert you if we find something that should be fixed.

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