Common Car Paint Problems and How to Prevent Them

Common Car Paint Problems and How to Prevent Them

At The Best Detail we’ve come across a lot of unique problems with exterior paint and as a result we have a wide range of solutions for every type of scenario. In order to provide our customers and the residents of Las Vegas and Henderson with the best value possible, we continually share our knowledge on the internet. If there’s an issue that you’ve come across with car paint that we haven’t listed, or if you’re interested in a free quote, give us a call at (702) 494-8097. Our team is standing by, ready to answer any questions that you may have and ensure that your car is properly maintained.

Auto Delamination

This is an obvious problem that is prevalent in cars that were made before the year 2000, as well as cars that have been exposed to large amounts of salt or other contaminants. The reason that many older cars experience this problem is not necessarily due to their age. In fact, it is because of many exterior paint processes that we use are not optimized for each other.

Older cars that have delamination suffer from layers of paint and other chemicals that were not stable with each other, resulting in various exterior problems. And the reason that cars that are exposed to large amounts of salt experience delamination is because salt breaks down coatings much more than regular water.

As soon as a car begins to become delaminated, you will notice what appears to be white spots. It almost looks like dried water on the surface of a car. These spots will quickly spread and delamination can be a very frustrating problem because of it. If your car’s paint layers are not stable and shouldn’t have been used together, there is really no solution other than having your car repainted. However, if your car is suffering delamination due to contaminants, that is something that we can help with by adding a clear coat to keep the paint underneath protected.

Peeling Auto Paint

Whereas delamination affects the look and feel of paint that is still attached to the car, peeling paint will come right off of the metal body. This can be caused by deep scratches, accidents, incompatible paint layers, sun damage, and chemical damage. If your car begins to peel it may be too late to protect it and there’s no guarantee that the damage will be reversible to the body underneath that will begin to rust. But we can definitely help you protect your car’s exterior ahead of time by applying protective coats and waxing it after a thorough cleaning.

Car Rust

Skimping out on paint jobs can come back and cause you a lot of hassle if the painter did not know what they were doing. When cars are painted they should be properly taken care of to ensure that corrosion does not occur to the metal body underneath, to replacement parts, or to surrounding surfaces. If water has soaked into your car’s surfaces before it was painted, it will lead to oxidation that will be nearly impossible to reverse until it is too late. To prevent this type of issue it is best to get quality work done on your car. Otherwise you can prevent rust by cleaning your car frequently, waxing, parking under protected areas that are dry, and having any scratches or paint issues fixed right away.

Car Scratches

Scratches are obviously going to occur on car surfaces, but how you handle them will determine the extent of the damage that they bring on. If you don’t fix scratches on time they can grow deeper or make it possible for water to leave into the body underneath, causing problems such as rust mentioned above.

Auto Paint Fading

Dust, sand, and sun weathering can lead to paint fading. In order to keep these elements out here at The Best Detail, we use the best restoration and protection products on the market. Not to mention that all of our cleaning methods are designed to avoid etching or staining issues that many of our competitors overlook out of ignorance or a lack of knowledge.

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