Cleaning Car Window Facts and Tips

Cleaning Car Window Facts and Tips

The condition of windows is easy to maintain, but their appearance is much more of a challenge. Here at The Best Detail we know that windows are constantly bombarded by debris, pollen, rain, and other contaminants. We also know that this makes it hard to keep windows clean, clear, and looking their very best.

This is why we’ve put together a helpful guide full of tips and ideas to keep your windows looking their best. We want to help you achieve peak results with the least amount of effort and time invested on your part. You have a busy schedule and life, and you deserve to spend it on the things that matter to you most.

The Best Detail Approach to Cleaning Car Windows

Here at The Best Detail, our approach to cleaning windows is simple. We provide you with a quote for your car’s needs, set up an appointment based on your availability, complete the detailing project, inspect our work, and make it easy for you to pick up your car.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, give us a call at (702) 494-8097. We provide all residents of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas with a free quote for car window cleaning and auto detailing.

The specific cleaning solutions and techniques that we use for your car will depend on your car’s needs. For example, matte-finish paint coats will require different products than glossy-finish paint coats. It’s hard to go into the details that your own car may require through the internet, but we are more than happy to answer your questions over the phone.

And if you’re interested in cleaning your car windows yourself, or maintaining them between bringing your car in for professional cleanings, then you can read the rest of the information provided below.

Finding the Right Cleaning Products

Before cleaning your windows, you want to determine what will work best for cleaning them. The first-most requirement is that you avoid using any product that contains ammonia. This is because it can damage rubber seals, plastic surfaces, and leather interiors. You certainly don’t want to end up with damage on your hands while simply trying to clean your car.

Furthermore, using ammonia on tinted windows can damage them completely. Always make sure to research your car, its window and tint materials, and the materials that may come into contact with your cleaning solutions. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Getting the Right Cleaning Method Down

When cleaning your car, it’s important to clean your windows last. This ensures that your other cleaning solutions don’t splash up on your windows and cause stains or spotting. It also ensures that you get a chance to clean off any dust or debris that may have settled on your windows when cleaning the inside of your car.

Another important aspect of a proper cleaning method is finding the right towel for your needs. Always make sure that your towel is brand new and that it is a quality material, ideally a microfiber cloth with a minimum of 300 GSM. If you’ve never heard of GSM before, don’t let it intimidate you. It is simply a thread counting. The higher the number, the finer the cloth is.

When cleaning your windows, it’s also recommended to clean by using a back and forth pattern. Rubbing your towel in small circles may be quicker, but it will result in an inconsistent appearance.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Car Windows

It’s a good idea to clean your car windows during cooler parts of the day, in an area that doesn’t have a lot of direct sunlight. If you clean your car when it’s very hot, and in the middle of the day when the sun shines brightest, you risk hurting your health or your car. This is because cleaning chemicals can break down rubbers and plastics when the heat is bearing down on them. They can also evaporate, posing a threat for your lungs if breathed in.

On that same note, it’s recommended to never clean your car indoors. On a cold winter’s day you might be tempted to clean your car inside your garage, but that sets you up for health risks as well.

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