Ceramic Pro Car Care

Ceramic Pro Car Care

In the beginning, Nano Shine designed their products’ formula on a compound used by automotive manufacturers. They also sold their products specifically to factories and other large manufacturing groups. Overtime however, it became apparent that Ceramic Pro was a product that should be available for car detailers as a car care product since there was nothing as effective on the detailing market.

Why use Ceramic Pro Car Care?

Even today, where waxes and sealants protect paint for a few weeks or months, Nano Shine offers Ceramic Pro products that form permanent bonds with paint, alloys on wheels, rubber, textile, glass, leather, rubber, and many other surfaces. Nano Shine is such a reliable company when it comes to their products, that they even protect a multi-million dollar Supercar Collection owned by Ecurie25 in Australia.

If you’ve never seen or tested Ceramic Pro car from Nano Shine, then the best way to describe it as would be a “glass coating” that envelopes a car. Obviously Nano Shine isn’t a class finish for a car, but that’s the best way to describe it. In the same way that glass wouldn’t wear off if a car’s exterior would be dipped in it, Ceramic Pro paint protection doesn’t wear off either. In fact, the permanent paint protection Ceramic Pro Product is so resilient that it protect against oncoming debris impact while driving, as well as various other scratches and paint hazards.

Washing one’s car that has had Ceramic Pro paint protection added to it will also not wear off due to the washing chemicals used. In fact, the Ceramic Pro paint protection solutions that come in the permanent product and the 24 month product are both 100% resistant to chemicals that cars are exposed to on a daily basis. Since a car can be completely enveloped in Ceramic Pro, this means that it will protect the underneath metal and paint from oxidation and other weathering concerns. The Ceramic Pro solution is so strong that it can withstand heat up to 1400f as well.

The UV protection in Ceramic Pro’s products also keeps the surfaces underneath from fading and cracking (Ceramic Pro products can be used to protect paint, rubber, leather, plastic, and other surfaces). Since Nano Shine’s products also make protected surfaces Super Hydrophobic, they will insure that water hitting your automotive on the exterior or interior will roll off and not cause spotting, fading, rusting, or staining. Instead of having rain leave spots all over your car, Ceramic Pro will leave your car looking like it’s just been washed after being rained on. Actually, “being rained on” isn’t a term that will still apply to cars that are protected by Ceramic Pro. “Rained around” will be a more appropriate way to describe the way that car rolls on and off of cars protected by Nano Shine’s products.

How Can I Apply Ceramic Pro to My Car or Automotive?

Since Nano Shine is a company that works with manufacturers and auto detailers, they don’t have an infrastructure for selling individual products to consumers. They only deal with bulk orders, and they also don’t want to let consumers apply the products themselves. If consumers incorrectly applied their paint protection for example, they might contact Nano Shine a year later for a lifetime warranty replacement for a defect that was caused by wrong application versus a defected product.

Ceramic Pro Car Care Products in Las Vegas, NV

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