Caring for Cars With Matte Paint

Caring for Cars With Matte Paint

Matte paint is one of the hottest trends in Car exterior finishes right now, but it also one of the more difficult options to care for. This is because scratches or damage to matte paint often end up being permanent. Whereas typical paint jobs can be polished in order to fix small damages, matte paint has to be reapplied to the entire car in order to be corrected.

Here at The Best Detail, we want to ensure that you have the right information from the get-go and that you never have to worry about expensive and unnecessary repainting. Matte paint may be nearly impossible to fix, but you won’t have to deal with that if you avoid damage altogether.

How to Avoid Scratching or Damaging Matte Paint

The easiest way to avoid damaging matte finishes is to never use automatic car washes. We have come across too many cars that have had to be repainted as a result of brushes scratching them, either because they were too rigid or because they had debris stuck in them.

Another way you can avoid permanent damage is by never using a product that is not explicitly designed for matte paint jobs. This is not just mere speculation or being overly cautious. All of the leading manufactures of cars such as Mercedes, Hyundai, and BMW make it clear that using polish or waxes on matte cars is not recommended. Almost 99% of liquid or paste car waxes use substances that will either damage your matte paint, or it will cause it to lose its unique appearance.

If you’re cleaning your car at home, it’s important to do your due diligence and research what products are appropriate for your car. And if you’re looking to find a professional detailing company that you can trust to get it done right, you should pick one with outstanding reviews and an exceptional track record.

Here at The Best Detail, we know we are the right company for your car’s needs, no matter how big or small. When it comes to detailing matte paint, we have a comprehensive database of products and surfaces that clearly lists what is compatible and what is not. This ensures that there is no guesswork when it comes to getting you the perfect and consistent car care results you desire.

Tips for Washing and Cleaning Matte Paint Finishes

Because of the absorbing nature of matte paint, it’s necessary to clean them more often than regular paint finishes that repel contaminants. It’s also important to clear matte paint with care. You will have to be much more gentle with this type of paint, because any increased force can result in marks or swirls to appear.

When cleaning matte paint, you should always buy the best microfibers towels available, as well as soft washing mitts you can put on your hands to deliver a perfect cleaning. Furthermore, when cleaning at home you should have two buckets: one with soap for cleaning, and the other with water for rinsing your cleaning mitts. This will give you the chance to rinse off your mitts before putting them back into the soap bucket.

If you attempt to clean your matte finish car with just a bucket of soap, you will end up bringing foreign materials and grease back into the bucket. Then you’ll end up cleaning the rest of your car with a subpar cleaning solution. Here at The Best Detail, we always ensure that our materials are clean, for every stroke that goes into your car’s surface.

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