Car Window Tinting Las Vegas

Car Window Tinting Las Vegas

Although car window tinting looks cool, it also provides drivers and their vehicles with a lot of benefits. These benefits extend from comfort and safety all the way to fuel efficiency. Once consumers understand how much money and headaches tinted windows save, it’s easy to make the investment in them.

Protects Drivers from UV Rays

We wear sunscreen when we go to the beach, but we often forget that driving can be just as harmful to the skin. In places such as Las Vegas, NV, no one worries about sunscreen. But what people should be worried about are clear windows.

Windows that aren’t tinted let 99% of UV rays enter your car. These rays can then harm the passengers’ skin, as well as the car’s interiors. UV rays are well known to cause cancer; that’s why we wear sunscreen at the beach. But in our cars, the only protection we have is tinted windows.
Letting all of those UV rays come in through the windows is also bound to fade and crack the interior of your car. Replacing the materials that were damaged by the sun is often more expensive than preventing the damages with tinted windows.
The best part about blocking UV rays is that you don’t have to have tinted windows to do it. Any window film that’s clear or tinted will block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Saves Money on Gas and A/C Repairs

Tinted windows make your car significantly cooler. This means that the A/C doesn’t have to work as hard or use as much energy. Less energy means that your car will be more fuel efficient.
The other benefit of tinting your car is that it puts less stress on the A/C. If the A/C isn’t stressed as much, it’s less likely to break or require as much maintenance.

Outweighing the Costs versus the Investment

An average four-door sedan would cost anywhere from $175-$250 to be tinted. The tinting also lasts anywhere from five to fifteen years.A car running five to fifteen years without window tinting will run into a lot of troubles with faded upholstery, A/C repairs and bad fuel efficiency. It’s easy to spend more than $500 on issues caused by too much UV rays entering your car. Five to fifteen years of commuting back and worth to work will also put a heavy toll on the driver’s skin. The accumulation of UV rays over a decade of driving isn’t healthy, and is known to lead to cancer.
If a simple window tinting job can help you avoid all of these troubles, wouldn’t you do it today?

Helps Drivers Avoid Accidents

Window tinting also reduces the glare caused by water, snow, ice or other vehicle lights. In the span of five to fifteen years, the chances of getting into an accident over glare are really high.
Tinted windows make it more comfortable to drive, without having to remember sunglasses, or having to squint.

Car Window Tinting Las Vegas

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