Car Washing vs Hand Washing

Car Washing vs Hand Washing

Although automatic car washing may be convenient, consider that it has its downsides as well. Most car washes may be new but some are really outdated. These outdated automatic car washes can damage your car by leaving “swirl marks” on the finish. These swirl marks are hard to remove and require expensive repainting to fully fix.

When you think about the idea of car washing vs hand washing you have to use brushes and cloth pieces, you’d be disgusted to know that they have touched thousands of other cars, and have collected dirt and sand in the process. Putting your car through such a gruesome process of automatic car washing almost seems absurd when you examine the details closely.

Then you might say “What about updated water pressure car washes?” To that question, you’d be surprised to know that water car washes still pose dangers to cars. Cars with wider wheel widths or a low profile can become scratched and scraped in the process of being pushed through the car wash.

Hand washing on the other hand is just as harmful. Washing cars at home is not only extremely harmful to finishes, but it’s also harmful to the environment. In a recent test conducted by the University of Texas it was discovered that hand washing cars leaves chemicals on the car’s paint job. These chemicals can then “bake” into the paint job effectively ruining the luster of cars. In the same experiment it was discovered that 25 hand washings caused 10% of the paint thickness to be removed from car finishes.

Essentially home washing has the same effect as “sandpapering” cars. Since rags and other cloths are full of dust, it’s easy for them to damage cars and remove paint. And even if the cloths are 100% clean, chemicals will be left on the car to ruin the paint and metal. Since garden hoses aren’t powerful enough to remove these chemicals, then hand washing is never an option.

The only smart choice in maintaining your car’s finish and luster is using professional detailing services. These services may use car washes sometimes, but the car washes are specifically designed and operated by professionals. Similarly, experienced car detailers handle your car after it’s washed for maximum effect.

If your leg was broken you would visit a doctor instead of a pharmacist. So why would you visit a car wash, when you should be getting the best service from a professional car detailer?

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