Car Washes Will Damage Your Car

Car Washes Will Damage Your Car

Taking your car to an automatic car wash is a great way to save time and money when compared to cleaning it yourself. It is also an effective option that lets you avoid the hassles which come with DIY (do-it-yourself) cleaning projects.

When you take your car into an automatic car wash, you won’t have to spend time hunting down the right cleaning product or spend hours rinsing those same products out. However, automatic car washes still cause more harm than good.

At first glance, an automatic car wash is a convenient solution. But when you dive deeper you start to understand that it is never the optimal solution.

This is because the majority of car washes use brushes that are too rough and powerful. The use of abrasive brushes result in scratched paint, faded colors, and stripped protectant coats. A responsible car owner would skip the car wash altogether.

Keep in mind that even if you go to a “brushless” car wash which makes use of cloth for its cleaning techniques, you won’t be in the best hands possible. Cloths can still attract dirt and debris, and these soiled cloths will damage your car.

If you want to get the best quality of cleaning your options are to invest time into learning how to do it properly yourself, or to invest time into finding a professional to do it for you. Either option will get the job done. It’s just up to you what you prefer and what fits your budget.

Avoiding Car Wash Damage

Here at The Best Detail, one of the most common services we provide is buffing out light scratches caused by automatic car washes or botched DIY washing. We want to let you know that the best way to avoid having to restore your car’s paint, or having to repaint it altogether, is avoiding automatic car washes. It is also a good idea to avoid amateur cleaning companies. Just because you take your car into an auto detail shop doesn’t mean that you’ll get the professional results you deserve.

If you’re looking for a professional auto detailer you can trust, then you should give us a call at (702) 494-8097. Our company is known for being the leading detailers in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. We also provide free quotes for car washes, auto detailing, and other services that you may be interested in. Our team is standing by around the clock to answer your questions and provide the help that you’re looking for.

A Comprehensive Car Wash

A truly great car wash includes a washing of the undercarriage, tires, and wheels. Before hiring an auto detailer, it’s important to ask whether they cover these areas or not. If they don’t, take your business to a company that takes its customers seriously. After all, cleaning the exterior of a car but skipping its undercarriage is like ordering a burger and not getting the patty!
In addition to offering a comprehensive car wash at The Best Detail, we also offer preventative services such as waxing, sealing, and polishing.

Getting a Car Wash Done Right

The most important part of a car wash completed by a cleaning company is inspecting it to make sure that everything has been taken care of. We often hear horror stories from our customers of them picking up their car from our competitors, only to find out hours later that entire sections had been skipped or not properly cleaned.

In order to ensure that your investment and business isn’t taken for granted, it’s crucial to inspect your car for damages or neglected areas that have not been cleaned. Otherwise, you may have a hard time getting the issue rectified after you drive away.

Luckily, if you hire a company like ours, you’ll never have to worry about the job not getting done right. At The Best Detail we have our own in-house inspection program which ensures that every detail, from A to Z, is taken into consideration and properly cleaned.

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