Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing Las Vegas

Boat Detailing

The Best Detail uses years of experience to bring you the best boat detailing service in Las Vegas valley. We are using our gel-coat restoration experience and over 10 years of detailing to provide a full one stop shop for boat detailing and gel-coat repair. We use only the finest products that we have found over years of experience to clean your boat, disinfect the surfaces and provide a lasting look to your gel-coat. We can bring back faded and dull gel-coat to a new look. With years of fiberglass repair and gel-coat work our staff knows the secrets in bringing a boat from old to new again.

Our Approach

Just like with our car and aircraft detailing services, we approach each detailing project with a unique solution. Each different boat make, model and color requires a customized approach. You can trust us to not just push out a cookie-cutter-solution to all of our customers.The Best Detail utilizes a systematic and consistent way of detailing your boat. We don’t look at detailing as some art that has to be harnessed, but rather as a precise science. Using various up-to-date tools, products and specialized chemical charts, we will detail your boat in the exact way it needs to be detailed. Certain paint colors and finishes require certain products and we know exactly which ones to use.At the Best Detail your boat is in good hands and will never leave with streaks or undesirable results. Just like your home and car is a valuable asset, so is your boat. Whether you’re looking to detail a jet-ski or a yacht, you can trust our detailers to handle your asset with the same care and precision as they would with their own assets.In Las Vegas, the Best Detail is known around the area as the detailing experts, and it’s no surprise why this is so. The consistency and excellence of our services keeps our customers coming back for more.

There is no need for us to tell you how reliable our services are when you could just ask our previous customers or read their reviews.

Our Boat Detailing Services

We detail every aspect of your boat imaginable. Our detailers are experienced in fiberglass and mechanical repairs, as well as gel coat restoration and painting. Not to mention that we also cover brightwork, bottom paint and interior cleaning.

Whether you need the carpet and upholstery of the inside of your boat extracted, or you need exterior rust repair, you can count on us to get the job done right.

After you bring in your boat and get it detailed by the Best Detail, you’ll be shocked at how clean it is when you get it back. In addition to our great services, up-to-date products and tools, we also have an outstanding team that is dedicated to keeping you satisfied.

Boat Detailing Service in Las Vegas, NV

We provide the best boat detailing service in Las Vegas, NV. Our technicians are highly skilled in offering you the best service possible. Call us today at 702-570-9274 to set up an appointment. You can also find our location information here. We look forward to meeting you.

Standard Boat Detailing Service

  • Power wash exterior
  • Remove water spots
  • Clean cover,Bimini top,canvas
  • Clean and detail interior
  • Scrub vinyl
  • Apply UV protectant
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean bilge and compartments
  • Buff and wax fiberglass, apply marine surface sealant
  • Cabins cleaned and detailed
  • Clean and wax trailer

Rates applies to manufacturer’s length. Call or Contact Us for a quote

Additional Services

  • Oxidation removal/wet sanding
  • Bottom and out drive cleaning
  • Bottom paint touch up
  • Gel coating repairs
  • Boat cover cleaned and UV Protected
  • Custom upholstery
Rates applies to manufacturer’s length. Call or Contact Us for a quote