Beading vs Sheeting Car Products

Beading vs Sheeting Car Products

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In this article we would like to cover the pros and cons of products that protect your car from water using the beading method versus the sheeting method. If this is your first time hearing about sheeting, then have no worries, we’ll make sure to explain everything as clearly as possible!

What is Beading and Sheeting?

If you’ve ever seen water beads on a waxed car after it’s rained, then you know exactly what beading refers to. This is the effect that water has on extremely hydrophobic surfaces that cause the water to bead up instead of lie smooth on a surface.

Some wax products repel water so much that the effect above occurs. The pros of this is that water will easily flow off when you’re driving, and it looks really great to see the water in such a way. The cons with products that cause water to bead is that when you’re not driving, the beads dry up as white spots.

Having white spots on your car’s exterior may not sound that bad. After all, they will be gone with the next car cleaning or rain that happens. However, there is something important to take into consideration with beading and that is contamination. If there are any contaminants in the water, even the mineral deposits that waxes leave on cars or possibly acidic rain, it can wear down the clear finish and eventually the paint.

The pro of sheeting is that water will run off of your car much better, and it will result in less spots and paint wearing down. The only cons with products that cause water to sheet is that it’s not clear if the surface is still protected by wax since the water doesn’t bead, and your car doesn’t have the same beading appearance that is well-desired by some people.

Should I Use Beading or Sheeting Products on my Car?

Whether you’re looking to wax your car on your own, or get it professionally detailed, you’ll have to decide between products that bead water and products that sheet water. More than likely, you’ll also want to stay consistent with your choice so that you get the same results. If you get your car detailed twice a year using the beading method, but you wax your car at home every month using the beading method, it may be a little inconsistent.

Here at The Best Detail, we cannot which product you should use over the internet without knowing what your car’s needs are. However, if we see your car or learn more about it, we can come to an educated conclusion as to what would work best.

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