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Car Paint Protection Services Las Vegas

Maintaining your car’s paint job is really important not only to keep the car looking nice but also to protect it. Discoloring, oxidation or scratching of your car’s paint might not show up until it’s too late to fix. If you let your car get to that point, then it’s going to cost a lot more to repaint or repair the body than to maintain it.

Prevention is Always the Best Route

Car owners don’t drive twenty or thirty thousand miles without replacing their oil because it will damage their car’s engine. Not maintaining a car’s paint job is going to be just as destructive to the body of the car, as not changing the oil is to the engine.

However, you would be surprised with how much maintaining a paint job gets overlooked. Maybe it’s because cleaning, conditioning and sealing takes way too long for car owners to do by themselves. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how much money they will be saving down the line by maintaining their car.

There is no need to let your car deteriorate for any of these reasons. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, then you can stop by at Best Detail Las Vegas every year to make sure your car’s paint is in good condition. Not to mention that we will also take preventative measures to protect your car’s paint.

Our Approach

At Best Detail we handle every car with its own unique solutions. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach in our methods, and we don’t treat maintaining a car as an art. The services we provide are an exact science that delivers the same high end results every time. We have many databases on different car body material, paint brands, paint types, and so forth that tell us exactly what type of cleaning solutions and techniques we should use.

Even though our detailers have a lot of training and experience behind them, we continually train them each year to make sure our services are up to date. All of our detailers are car enthusiasts and know just how critical it is to protect a car’s paint.

Glass Coating

It has been established by many car experts that traditional waxing is no longer effective. In fact, it adds to the damage of paint. Traditional car waxing relies on a mono-polymer called paraffin to bring out the shine in the paint. However paraffin is weakened by heat and dis solvable in water. After a couple of rainy days and car washes, the paraffin will be stripped away.

Glass coating on the other hand is much more efficient in car paint protection and lasts way longer than regular wax. Glass coating is powered by products that contain silica, which is known for being protecting car paint from oxidization and weathering. Silica is found in sand and quartz, so that’s why “Glass Coating” is called as such.

Auto Paint Protection in Las Vegas, NV

We provide the best auto paint protection service in Las Vegas, NV. Our technicians are highly skilled in offering you the best service possible. Call us today at 702-494-8097 to set up an appointment. You can also find our location information here. We look forward to meeting you.