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Does Your Vehicle Need Paint Correction?

If you can see imperfections in your car, or have had it damaged by inexperienced detailers, then paint correction can restore the condition of your paint. Correcting your paint early on can also protect it from deteriorating even more.

Imperfections in paint can be caused swirl marks from washing circularly with a cloth, automated carwashes, bird droppings, scratches and improper detailing techniques.

Many detailers fill in scratches and paint imperfections, even though it’s not a permanent solution. After the scratches in your car’s paint are filled, they will quickly become visible after a couple of car washes. Paint correction on the other hand re-levels the paint so that the paint stays in the imperfections permanently.

How Can You tell if You need Paint Correction?

Usually it is easy to tell if your car need paint correction. Just look at it in the sun and examine it at different angles while trying to identify any spider web patterns. If you see these patterns, then that means your car’s paint needs to be corrected. Spider web patterns are micro-scratches caused by inexperienced detailers or improper cleaning techniques.

How Does Paint Correction Work Exactly?

First the car is washed using a special process that eliminates any dirt or contamination on the surface. This is one of the most important parts of paint correction, because when the wet sanding, buffing and polishing take place, contaminants can ruin the process.

However we don’t just clean your car through a regular car wash. We use something known as Clay Bar which cleans contaminants so small that you can’t see them. A lot of car washes can actually clean your car visibly, but at the microscopic level do absolutely nothing.

Clay Bar works by spraying clay lubricant and then detailing the car with a fine block of clay. The clay easily slides over the lubricant and effectively cleans paint like no other technique.

After the cleaning has been done, then it’s time for the buffing and polishing. The polishing technique that needs to be completed varies by a lot of different things. Your car’s paint condition, coat levels and paint type effect what needs to be done to effectively correct the paint.

When wet sanding is required, another polishing process has to follow it. This after-wet sanding polish is a 2-4 step process that involves multiple polishing pads and polish solutions.

Once the polishing is completed, then it’s time for the finalizing. Finalizing is done through waxes and sealants that are specially designed to strengthen the paint protection on your car for months, without being washed off by carwash chemicals.

Our Services For Handling Paint Protection

At the Best Detail Las Vegas we treat every single client and their car uniquely. There is no “cookie cutter” approach that we use over and over with all the vehicles we get. Instead we have special databases that tell us exact specifications from manufactures regarding the equipment and solutions we need to use to maximize paint protection.

Your car is different from an RV’s or four-wheeler’s paint job, so it needs to be treated as such. Even a black car from a red car needs to be handled differently, or the results will not be as good as you deserve.

It’s a hassle finding the right detailer that is not only affordable, but also knowledge. At Best Detail, we’ve been in this industry for many years now. In fact we’ve been detailing for so long that we’ve become known as the Detailing experts in Las Vegas LA local area.

Our customers have been coming to us again and again over the years because they trust our work and the quality standards we hold ourselves to.

Maintain your Investment

Whether you plan on selling your car or not, protecting its paint job is crucial to protecting your investment. If the paint isn’t treated well you will need costly repaint jobs, and if you try to sell it without fixing it, then you’ll get significantly less than what you could have gotten.

At the Best Detail we understand that your car is not just a car. It’s an asset that needs to be properly maintained. You can trust that we will treat your asset just like you would treat it ourselves. All of our employees are car enthusiasts and we’re proud to deliver stunning results every time. After your first visit you’ll see why detailing your car is not only worth it, but necessary in saving money in the long run or boosting price you sell your car for later on.

The Best Detail in Las Vegas, NV

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