A Guide to Airplane Wax and Polish

A Guide to Airplane Wax and Polish

At first glance it might seem crazy to wax and polish your own airplane, but there are definitely many people who enjoy getting this task done all by themselves. We don’t recommend doing it without investing into the right equipment, products, and training. But if you have the funds to invest in tools and the time to invest in a proper technique, it’s definitely a manageable DIY project.

Our Waxing Machine Recommendation

Instead of taking the easy way out when it comes to waxing your airplane, by using spray-on products that wear off extremely quickly, we recommend applying wax using a polisher. We also recommend polishing in a liquid polymer sealant so that you gain the best water and UV protection. What is the good in doing work that will come undone within a few weeks or even a few days of using your airplane in real-world conditions?

Here at The Best Detail, we utilize state of the art polishing machines and use the most appropriate solutions for the job. We will never use overpowered pressure machines to wash planes before waxing because that will quickly lead to damaging paint, window seals, and even metal surfaces. We believe that using overpowered tools is just a sign of being lazy and wanting to take shortcuts, which then leads to expensive repairs or unnecessary extra work.
We take a different approach to cleaning, maintenance, and waxing.

One that is focused on providing simple, effective, and reliable services every time instead of trying to get as many projects completed in as little of a time as possible. Whether you decide to wax your airplane and polish it yourself, or you hire a well-known company to take care of those needs, it’s important that you prioritize quality cleaning over a fast cleaning.

The Importance of Professional Aircraft Polishing and Detailing

Caring about your airplane’s operation, aesthetics, and value comes naturally if you are proud of your investment and know that it deserves your best attention to detail. At The Best Detail, our professional detailing technicians share the same pride and care that you hold of your property.

Every single member of our team has a passion for vehicles ranging from boats and cars to planes, and when you see their detailing results you’ll know without a doubt how much they love what they do. Through this shared commitment to high performance and luxury property, you can be sure that the interior and exterior of your aircraft will always reflect yourself in the best manner possible. We don’t complete projects unless if we would be happy with the same work that we put out.

Any company with a serious investment can meet the bare minimum requirements to get insured and certified, but not every company can accomplish what we have done in this industry over the past few years. Our achievements include continually blowing away our clients ranging from aviation school owners to celebrities, and also continually developing new cleaning techniques and training our award-winning technicians as quickly as new knowledge becomes available.

What really sets us apart as a professional aircraft polishing service is that we treat all of our clients with the same respect and professionalism that we treat Las Vegas celebrities and gamblers with. When you work with us, you’ll quickly learn that we give our best no matter how big or small the project is.

In fact, when you hire us for your detailing needs, tailoring to your needs becomes our number one priority. Unlike other companies that make you work around their scheduling and clock, we always ensure that we give you a wide variety of scheduling options that are convenient for you. From the moment you give us a call to schedule a free consultation to the moment we begin detailing your airplane according to your requirements, we are always dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

The Value of Hiring a Leader in Las Vegas Aircraft Detailing

At The Best Detail, the value you gain from hiring us to detail your aircraft and other vehicles is the decades of knowledge that our technicians are ready to share with you. While there may be dozens of materials and paints and polish solutions which need to be fully considered before care begins, and could barely be summarized in an internet resource, there is so much knowledge we can provide in person that applies directly to your aircraft’s needs.

In addition to giving our clients the best advice when it comes to aircraft exterior cleaning, we can also provide knowledge and cleaning services when it comes to interior needs such as: carpets, seats, lavatory sanitation, baggage compartment cleaning, kitchen disinfecting, window cleaning, and much more.

To learn more about our quick turn-around times, as well as paint, polishing, and sealing services, give us a call at (702) 494-8097. Our technicians are standing by and more than happy to help answer your questions or set up an appointment for a free quote.

The Best Detail in Las Vegas, NV

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